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Using Filemaker layout as a webform, without having Filemaker server

Question asked by ericmiller on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by Brian Hamm

I have created a Filemaker file to keep track of freelancers.  I have a layout I can use to collect the information I need from the different freelancers.  I put a lot of effort into making it look great, so it looks professional.  I would love to be able to host the form on my website(Squarespace).  Filemaker Server & web direct is a little out of my budget, so I was wondering if there was another way to get my form online to collect information.  I would love to have the information be able to automatically pull the information into my database if possible.  If this is not possible even if I could get it to put the information into another document which I could then manually import into my file.


The main thing is to have it appear online as I designed it in Filemaker.  I don't want to have them fill out a Google Form, since that does not look very professional.  Also, I'm handling the data differently.  For example I have a freelancer table to keep all the basic information like name, phone number, website, etc, and then I have another table for the different skills they have.  So I have a portal on the freelancer layout where the freelancer can add all their skills and their skill level(1-5 stars) for each skill.  Then on the backend I have my own ranking for each of their lists skills incase I don't agree with their assessment of their own skills. This means some of the information needs to be put into the freelancer table, and then a record needs to be created for each skill they list which is then connected to the freelancer record to appear in the portal on each of their records.


Does this make sense, and is it possible to do?