FileMaker Cloud - New Window Error after a few minutes

Discussion created by rcollins on Nov 7, 2017
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I'm hosting a file on the latest build of FileMaker Cloud and accessing the hosted file from the latest FileMaker Pro Advanced using a MacBook pro and an external monitor.


After using the file for about half an hour, I am finding that the "New Window" script step (it is not part of a PSOS script) ceases working until I close and re-open the file, then it works fine for a while. The error message I get is "Command unavailable, for example, wrong operating system or mode".


I created a 1:30 screenshot video showing the error, and put it up on Vimeo:

FileMaker Errors - New Window Script Step on FileMaker Cloud on Vimeo   


Any thoughts?


P.S. TSGal this is the same problem that I mentioned in this thread:New Window error (3) when performed on Server, but since it is a different problem (ie. not PSOS initiated), I am giving it it's own thread here.