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Portals, Filtering, Data-matching...

Question asked by RadioSaigon on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by RadioSaigon

I have a database (hehehe) within which I store pieces of data in a table (lets call it TableA ) The data in one text field may contain several short strings of 3-4 characters, comma-separated.


In another table (TableB), I would like to create a Portal that:

1. Looks at the TableB PrimaryID, (Text, Indexed, Unique)

2. Assesses the TableA Field for the same string within the contents, and

3. In a Portal, displays information from another 2-3 fields from TableA.


Honestly, I'm not even certain I'm tackling this from the right direction. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Hopefully I've provided sufficient information...