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Multiple Record 'Reservation' (present / future)

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by philmodjunk

Asking a lot of questions these days,


Building a storage unit database, with each unit as a separate record in the "Units" table.


I would like the database to be able to handle multiple future reservations of a single storage room, just like hotels do.

Say John Doe rents a storage room 01/01/2017 till 31/05/2017.

Jane Doe should then be able to make a reservation for the room from the 01/06/2017 till 31/12/2017.

GI Jane should be able to make a reservation from 01/01/2018 till X end date.


I've made a table called "Unitslog", which logs all activities for each storage room, so whenever an activity is made on a storage room, being vacant, occupied or reserved, it's monitored and logged.


Although it's -- at least right now -- beyond my imagination how it is possible to make multiple reservation for a storage room, since a occupied/reserved storage room is "occupied" by a boolean field i've made in the Units table, and therefore not re-bookable/reserveable.


I can imagine the endless possibilities of multiple bookings/reservations going wrong and dates being thrown into the sky, since customers always has the ability to extend or shorten the rent period of the storage room(s).


I am looking for the most efficient and maintenance free solution.


Please yell if you need information.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


/ C