Documentation update suggestion: onFirstWindowOpen trigger behavior

Discussion created by l_allen_poole on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by TSGal

The documentation for the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger states

This trigger is activated when the first window is created for a file directly, either manually or via the Open File script step. If a file is opened with a hidden window via a relationship or a script, this trigger doesn’t activate until a window is created directly. However, performing a script in another file does not activate this trigger in that file even if the script creates the first window for that file. To have this trigger activate in another file, open the other file using the Open File script step before performing the script in that file.


and this appears to conflict with the behavior described in "About running scripts on FileMaker Server:"

Running server-side scripts opens and closes the files that contain the scripts. Therefore, the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger is activated when the script starts and the OnLastWindowClose script trigger is activated when the script ends.


I understand that both descriptions are correct within their limited contexts. Could you update the OnFirstWindowOpen documentation page to clarify that the behavior of the trigger depends on whether the file is being opened by a script running on FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server?