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Chart to show total of items sold

Question asked by SamOsman on Nov 8, 2017



I've got a layout based on my 'invoice data' table, which has two charts, one showing total of invoices each day which works fine, and the second one I want to show total number of each item sold. However, for a few specific products, not all of them (this is the problem area) this layout is a per month status screen.


I've got the graph showing total sold of each product when i do a find for only 1 month of invoices, and do the sort by Invoice Data::item. This shows a total of each product sold in that month...great. However I only want the graph to show specific line items, how can I achieve this.


e.g. currently shows:


3 apples sold

4 oranges sold

2 grapes sold


I only want to show the grapes and oranges for example.


Please could someone point me in the right direction on this one.