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Multiple related tables and data binding

Question asked by JacobKopp on Nov 8, 2017
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I have browsed a lot of the discussions but if I have come across my questions I didn't realize it! I am also not sure if I'm using the correct verbiage when I'm searching beyond data binding and multiple related sets of data.


I have several tables, with sets of them related to each other here and there. I have one table, to hold incidents, and other tables that hold persons and property. I'd ideally like to have the end user be able to, while working in the Incidents layout, be able to choose which entries from Persons and Property tables to include in a tab for their incident. The related data will eventually be reviewed by higher members of staff and printed into a formal report that includes those persons and that property. The incidents themselves will have varying numbers of persons and property involved.


I've related data several times in a previous project but I'm having issues wrapping my mind around doing it for this project.