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Need two date-range based summaries of data from the same field.

Question asked by sisterme on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by philmodjunk

I generate a simple sales report which sums up quantities by product so that we can estimate how much inventory we need.


One product is a set of various items also sold individually.  The product was recently updated to include more items.  I want two separate summary totals based on date ranges representing the time before and after the change so that I can create a calculation field which totals the products sold individually and in the set.  Sorry if I'm not expressing this very clearly.


Eg.  Before Sept 2017 product GC1 is sold individually and 3 of this item are also included in the set GCVP, but product GC2 is only sold individually.


After Sept 2017, both product GC1 and GC2 are sold individually and also 3 of each are included in the set GCVP.


So far, I've just been multiplying the GCVP Sum by 3 and adding it to the GC1 Sum to get a total, but that won't work for GC2.


Is there an easy solution?


Thank you in advance for any suggestions!