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Tracking stock control of inventory for multiple locations

Question asked by sdaehler on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by beverly

I'm new to using FileMaker and am in charge of creating and deploying an app that will track inventory and stock control in order to determine when to order new products.  

Here is what my project is:

How do i set up a database to track multiple items in stock stored in different locations bought from different vendors.  After doing a weekly inventory count at each location, we would like to know when to re-order items for the locations, and ultimately have a summary how much we are ordering. 


What I have so far:



  Item Name

  Category (Liquor, Beer, Food, Cleaning)

  Item Case quantity




  Location Name

  Location Fully stocked (Capacity each location can hold)




  Vendor Name

  Vendor Product (item the vendor provides)

…other descriptions (phone, email…)


I applicate any assistance