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FileMaker v16 Memory Leak?

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Nov 9, 2017
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Yesterday I replied to a posting in 'report a problem' that was created in 2010 and last updated in 2013, but as this is now so critical to us, it deserves a new entry here.


The original posting is: Memory Leak in SQL API


What is described in the above link is pretty much the same as what we're experiencing using Windows, FM Pro v16 and Digital Fusion's Reactor plug-in, which came to light when one of our RemoteApp/Terminal servers ground to a halt due to 99% memory usage.


Tests are showing that a window/layout left open containing a web viewer displaying a calendar based on Reactor, without any user interaction at all, continues to increase the RAM used by the account. We had users on the server consuming over 3.5Gb RAM (the average is between 300 and 400Mb). Leaving the layout doesn't reduce the RAM; so far the only way we've managed to reclaim RAM is by totally existing FileMaker and relaunching, which the client is not happy about.


This morning's tests, show that both v15 and v16 have both used over 1Gb RAM within 25 minutes of leaving layouts open without any user interaction. With the Task Manager open we are watching the RAM allocation increasing all the time, currently this is accumulating slightly quicker on v16 than v15, but both are using an unacceptable amount and it will just continue to rise.


We are aware that there have been memory leaks in recent copies of FileMaker and the link above appears to acknowledge this, but this was between 4 and 7 years ago. Subsequent tests this morning show the problem to affect both FileMaker Pro v15 and v16.


Digital Fusion in New Zealand  have been contacted overnight, whilst we have been trying to reduce the rate of RAM accumulation by changing polling/refresh settings, but this hasn't improved things. The only thing that may appear to help, but not always, is the use of the black box refresh, which we're now going to add to an OnTimer script in a desperate attempt to minimise the impact of this. However, the exchanges within the above link indicated that this was a FileMaker problem rather than a Reactor issue.


I've attached a screen shot from yesterday, highlighting the 2 web viewer/Calendar/Reactor users. Others on the server have the Reactor plug-in installed, but it is only when in the layout containing the web viewer does the RAM usage increase.


Any help would be gratefully received as this is critical to our business and at the moment servers are crashing as a result.


Many thanks



FMP 16 RAM.png