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How to get a count of incomplete todo tasks

Question asked by ericmiller on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm new to filemaker, so please talk to me like I know nothing.


I'm trying to get a number of how many uncompleted todos which are related to a record to show on my IP table.






Currently I have a filed in my IP table called "NumberOfTasks", and it is a number field with a calculation.

If ( IsEmpty ( Count(ip_ToDo::__kpnId )) ; 0 ; Count ( ip_ToDo::__kpnId ))


This works in giving me the total number of tasks to the related IP record, but I want it to only show the number of uncompleted.


On my Todo table I have a field called CheckDone.  Then on my layout I have my CheckDone setup as checkbox which is connected to a single item value list called "ToDoDone", and the only value is "Done". So when I check the box the field is filled with "Done", and when it is not checked it is blank.


How can I change my above formula to only show related tasks which are NOT Done?



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