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How to solve "There was a problem connecting to the host" error when adding FileMaker ODBC driver?

Question asked by asotelo on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by JEDtech

Product and version:

FileMaker Server 16

OS and version:

Windows Server 2012R2


Clients use Crystal Reports, a business intelligence application, to pull data from FileMaker Server using ODBC connection. It worked fine when we were running FileMaker Server 15 a few months ago. Since we upgraded, they are getting "unable to connect" messages.

How to replicate the issue:

1. Install the FileMaker ODBC driver

2. Open ODBC data source administrator (32-bit) and create a new data source under System DSN.

3. Select FileMaker ODBC (v16.00.19.00) and Finish.

4. Once FileMaker Server IP is submitted for the "Which host do you want to connect to?" box, select the "Connect to host to obtain the names of available databases" and click Next.

Error message opens with "There was a problem connecting to the host" message.


Other facts:

Enable ODBC/JDBC is checked off.

Database security has Use SSL for database connections with a self-signed certificate installed.

TCP/2399 is open inbound on the server and I can telnet to it.


Did I overlook something? anyone know if there are any logs stored that can help me troubleshoot?