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Formula help in calculating % on sliding scale total sales

Question asked by knmb on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by purvisa

I have a puzzling question... puzzling for me that is... I'm hoping one of you geniuses out there can help...

I need to know how to accomplish this set of calculations.  I have tried using the Case function, but it doesn't like what I'm typing...


I need to calculate a % on total sales on a sliding scale...   Here's everything I'm needing to accomplish and wanted it in one field... but perhaps I need to create multiple fields to accomplish this?  Thanks in advance!


If TotalSalesYTD are under $2000 I  need to multiply TotalSalesYTD by 2%.


If TotalSalesYTD  are over $2000 but under $4000, I  need to calculate the amount of TotalSalesYTD over $2000 but under $4000 TotalSalesYTD and multiply that difference by a rate of 1%.


If TotalSalesYTD are over $4000 I  need to calculate the amount over 4000 and then the rate would be at 0%