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Discussion created by Stigge on Nov 9, 2017
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Am building a Telecom asset management tool of my own that fits my dutys.

I have no reached the Point when am adding a new user and assigning a Phonenumber to that person.

So i have built a "New User" layout. first option is to choose what area code the user is for (already complete in a drop down field based on a value list from the options i have).


Now i need to in a simple way (and appealing way) list all awailiable numbers that i have option to give that user.

I was thinking for a drop down list for this. but we are talking about 20-50 numbers to choose from.


Option Value List (drop down field) :  in this option i dont have any criterias to set so i cant get what numbers are free. i can ofcouse create Another field in my Telecom table (all numbers are stored including all already used) that i have a calculation with true or false if they are used or not. but that dont help ether does it ? :/


Option Slide Controll:  i already have alot of slide´s on this layout and arranging them is already pain. but a slide controll with a portal (so i can set filters) seems the best or only option ?? or am i wrong ? problem i have then is how do i set a script to "go to object" on a field ? or how do i solve the Show/Hide then ?


Is there other options am not thinking about ? please help me out =)


Thank you all.