FM 16 Adv - Non-USA differences?

Discussion created by synergy46 on Nov 10, 2017
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I have a section of my app that allows for 'drag n drop' of .jpg, .png, .doc ... etc files and their local storage.

This works.

There is a user from Greece with whom this feature fails (I watched a video where he used drag n drop

to put a .jpg over the 'Drag Picture or Document Here' container and saw FM 'bounce it back'; it, reject it.


Yet, when I do the same thing on my Windows 10 PC or Mac it works as expected.  None of my other users (in the USA) have reported this problem. 


I am running Windows  10 64 bit as is he.

I am using the current version of Java and so is he.

He has uninstalled 'older' versions of windows... no help.




Question:  "Are Filemaker versions different between countries"?