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Chart axis format

Question asked by JoeSand on Nov 11, 2017
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I've never used charts in FM before, but I'm reading up on them and trying a few things, but there's a wall I'm running into.  It seems that all but the scatter chart assume you will have a few categories on one axis, and actual numeric data on the other, like a bar chart, so it only creates a true graph scale on one axis.  The scatter chart allows dual scales, but the data representation doesn't work for me.  Can a line graph with lots of datapoints on both axes be created without having a mashup of overlapping labels?

For example, I'd like to graph gross receipts over time, so in it's rawest form I would be graphing each days receipts.  It could be made a bit less granular by, perhaps, totaling a weeks receipts, but if I want to look at the data for, say one year, the x-axis becomes unusable.  The most useful scale for this data would be months for a minor scale, and years for the major.  Can this be done?