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Instant Search on Mobile App

Question asked by omrcabi on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by bigtom

Hello everyone,



I have a trouble about creating user friendly search on file maker for mobile app.



As you can see on the attached picture below, i create quick search field the top of the list screen. By the mean of quick search; i want when i type anything on the field -numbers and letters- i would like find records instantly. And if i continue to write without exiting on the field the search must be continue either.



I write a script to solve this problem with "Got to Field" command. It works on computer perfectly but a problem occure if i try it on mobile. Because of the command of "Go to Field", when i type number the keyboard turns letters and i have to change it to nubers again and again.



I hope i can explain myself clearly. If you could help me with that it would be great.



Thanks for your answer in advance