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I am trying to create a hierarchy from 2 tables each with one matching field.

Question asked by sharkey on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2017 by sharkey

I have 2 tables. In both tables, each record has the exact same Parent Account Name (central office) on the same line I have the child account (satellite office) name. I would like to create a hierarchy where the Parent (Central office) can have a layout view where the child accounts (satellite offices) relate to the parent so I can create a portal list view of all the child accounts related to their parent.


My first attempt was to make the 2 tables. One with only Central office info and the other with satellite office info. The satellite records have the exact central office name in each line of the different satellite records. There is a unique ID number for each satellite office but no unique ID number for the central office. Only the duplication of the central office name in each line of every corresponding satellite office.


As previously stated I would like to draw from corresponding child records to create central office layouts. I am not sure if this first step is correct but I created a serial number for each central office once I copied out all the different central office accounts into its own table but can not figure out how to create a proper relationship for data sharing. Any help is appreciated.