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Partial Sum of several Invoices

Question asked by sam0723 on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by user29424

Hi, I am new to filemaker. i would like to calculate partial sum of several invoices. My system is something like this,

Customers-> Invoice -> Invoice line items

Invoice -> Settlement


So i could easily calculate the balance by using calculation fields and summary fields of all invoice based on same customers. total = Sum(Invoice line items::amount) and Invoice total = summary of total fields.


For the settlement, total_s = Sum(settlement::amount) , settlement total = Summary of total_s field


Net balance = Invoice_total - settlement total


My question is for example, i have 5 invoices from same customers. Is it possible to calculate the net balance of Invoice 2 and 3 for the current system.


Do i need to create another table and copy the data from settlement and invoice line item table in order to calculate the balance of invoice 2 and 3. Is there any other ways to calculate it?


i am using filemaker 15.


If there is any unclear description, sorry about that, i will explain as clear as possible. Thank You.