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How to create a QR Code in FileMaker Go now that CNS Barcode is gone?

Question asked by jrepp on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by CNSPlugins

I have a solution that I created back on FileMaker Go 12, which used CNS Barcode to generate QR Codes as well as read them. Not on 15/16 my solution reads them natively, but I have no way to generate them on an iPad. I still have CNS Barcode running on my desktop version, but I want to have the flexibility to create these on my iPad as well when I am in the field.


For me, QR codes are the ideal solution. I use my app to track test samples and each has a UUID related to the sample number (numbers can be reused across multiple projects). Creating a QR code from the UUID is a quick and easy way to identify samples without having to type in numbers, or pick from a dropdown list (pop-up field) that can hundreds of samples.


Thanks in advance!