Hiding Portal Row Button

Discussion created by laguna92651 on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by ebrown212

I have a portal that I only want to show the delete button when the portal row is active, the unhide works as long as I click on a non-field portion of the active row or if the field on the active row, that I click on does not have the Browse Mode checked. If I click on a field that has the Browse mode checked, the button will remain hidden for the active row.


The hide expression I'm using:


not IsValid ( T012aii_Cash Flow Notes||id_cashflowstmt|::ID_CF_Notes )  //hide if last row (which is the empty add row)

or ( Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) ≠ Self )                                                //hide unless I am active row

or Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) ≠ "portal"                                              //hide if this portal is not selected


When I place the the Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) expression in the Data Viewer I get the correct row number whether I click on a field with Browse Mode checked, a field with Browse Mode unchecked or an empty portion of the portal row. So I would expect the button to show in all three instances.