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The Host does not support this version of filemaker?

Question asked by FrankH on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by jormond

We are running an application on Filemaker Server 14 on a dedicated server to only this application. Our users connect to the application using iPads. The issue begins with the latest update of IOS to 11.x. The iPads were using Filemaker Go 13 and 14 on their iPads to connect to the Filemaker Server. Now with the upgrade of the IOS, they are prompted to upgrade their Filemaker go to either version 15 or 16. Once they complete this upgrade, they can no longer connect to the Filemaker Database on the Filemaker Server.  They get - " The Host does not support this version of filemaker".


From what I've read on the website, both Filemaker Go 15 and Filemaker Go 16 should be compatible with both the IOS upgrade of course, and that they should be compatible with and able to open files hosted on Filemaker Server 14 .


Any suggestions as to why this maybe happening? At this point, anyone upgrading their iPads can no longer access their hosted database.