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Help!!! Need to create conditional pop-up or drop-down lists

Question asked by leonhart1981_1 on Nov 13, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by philmodjunk

I want to create a product database with three conditional value lists for my Product's category, sub-category, and type. However, it's been awhile since I created the database using FileMaker Pro, so I am kinda lost how to start it and wondering if anyone could give me a guidance.


I have five main categories in my products: Speaker, Amplifier, Signal Processor, Sound Controller, and Headphone


Then, below are the sub-categories for each main categories following with their types:


Category  > Sub-Category >  Type

Speaker > Car Audio (CA) > Coaxial (CX)

                                          > Woofer (WF)

                                          > Mid (MD)

                                          > Tweeter (TW)

                                          > Enclosure (EN)


Speaker  > Home Audio (HM) > In-Wall (IW)

                                                > In-Ceiling (IC)

                                                > Sound Bar (SB)

                                                > Garden (GN)


Speaker > Marine Audio (MR) > Coaxial (CX)

                                                > Woofer (CX)

                                                > Waketower (WT)


Speaker > Power Sport (PS) > ATV (AT)

                                              > UTV (UT)

                                              > Motorcycle (MT)


Amplifier > Multiple Audio (CA) > NIL

               > Multiple Audio (MR) > NIL

               > Multiple Audio (PS) > NIL


Signal Processor > Multiple Audio (EQ) > NIL

                            > Multiple Audio (DSP) > NIL

                            > Multiple Audio (EP) > NIL


Sound Controller > Multiple Audio (MU) > NIL


Headphone > Personal Entertainment (PE) > NIL


Here is what I wanna do, I want to create a conditional pop-up list that when choose "Speaker", the sub-category pop-up list will only show "Car Audio", "Home Audio", "Marine Audio", and "Power Sport". Then, when I click "Car Audio", another pop-up list or draw-down menu will show "Coaxial", "Woofer", "Enclosure"...etc


But if the Category is "Amplifier", the sub-category will be "Multiple Audio (CA)", "Multiple Audio (MR)", and "Multiple Audio (PS), but the Type will only show "NIL".


In this case, where should I start it? I have totally forgot how to do it Please help!!!!!!