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Network issue when modifying data

Question asked by lienert on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by lienert

I am having a major networking issue using FileMaker server. All users are having issues accessing the system.


There is no issue with viewing the system, I can log into the system fine, view any layout with no issue. But as soon as anyone tries's to modify any data or add records the local computer just presents the apple spinning coloured wheel for about 2 minutes and then just specifies that it has lost communication with the server and reconnects. This issue only occurs if you try to modify data. There is no issue with viewing data.


This is happening if we are on our local network that is all on gigabit connections and hubs, and also is an issue with remote access from Filemaker Go and remote connecting to the system via laptop. The system has been functional for about 3 months and this issue only randomly arose over the last week with nothing being changed.


I have rebooted all computers as well as the server, but the problem still exists.


Any feedback on where to look at the issue for this would be appreciated.


Thanks Sam