Report vs Excel Export

Discussion created by AllegroDataSolutions on Nov 14, 2017
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I have a client with some vendors who want their reports in Excel format, rather than the FileMaker reports which are provided to the other vendors in PDF format.


The reports are not terribly complex. A lot of line items, grouped by distributor in subsummary parts. Basically they want their spreadsheets to look the same way -- rows of line items, followed by a line with the subtotals, for each distributor, one after another.


The reason for this is that the vendor is going to add other figures to the spreadsheet to perform additional calculations, outside FileMaker. That's why a report PDF isn't going to cut it. But the client isn't happy with any of the alternatives I suggested.


Just wondering if anyone knows of another application that can be used to create what the client wants. Something that could pull the data out of a FileMaker report layout, when it is sorted and viewed in preview mode, and spit it out as an Excel file -- or anything that could be easily converted to an Excel file, when opened in Excel (like a CSV file).