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ExecuteSQL formula

Question asked by on Nov 13, 2017
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I have the following issue:


I need to match the "Date Worked" with the "DateID" in order to return the related value. Or do I? For example, on 1/4/14 18.46 hours were worked. On 1/15/14 12.73 hours were worked. On 1/16/14 10.49 hours were worked.

As you can see the value, 18.46 is returned in EVERY because the ExecuteSQL command I wrote is obviously not dynamic enough.


This is what I wrote:


Round(ExecuteSQL (

"select sum(HoursWorked)

FROM LaborTable where DateWorked='1/4/14'"; "" ; "" ; "" );2).


I tried replacing '1/4/14' with (Select ID from DatesTable) but it didn't work


My goal is to replace "1/4/14" with the matching Dates Table ID. I hope I worded this question so that it's understandable.


MySQL image.png

Thank you.