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FMP16v3 MSP Update

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Nov 14, 2017
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I was wondering, how can I update via GPO the new FMP16v3 .msp update ?


This msp file type is so not user friendly to me... Adobe as the same file type for update and I never was ale to "patch" the original msi file using the msp.


Filemaker doc mentionne the use of Microsoft SCCM, I don't know that, and I never used it and if it's another Micro$crap licence/CAL requiered tools, never mind, not interested !!


I follow the methode of

msiexec /a fmp.msi /p fmpv3.msp

in a new folder where I copied the original FMP16v2 istallation file and it did not patch the MSI, but it extracted all the folders/files from it into that directory. I've check and the file "Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 16\Filemaker Pro.exe" is the proper version v3.302.


I added the packed into the original GPO to update the package



run a gpupdate /force, reboot and the installation process worked as expected, the software updated start at boot time, but it did not used the extrated files, it used the file in the original MSI, so the v2 just updated the v2 and nothing else.


So the msiexec /a /p command create all those files that are a mix of the original MSI and the updated files in the MSP in the folder, but when you lunch the MSI file, it was not affected (patch) to tell that now is has to use the extrated files, not the one inside the MSI... How do I do this ??