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Question asked by deanchampeau on Nov 14, 2017
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Right now I have a table with about 25,000 records in it. I need to script a looped Perform Find based on a text field that always begins with "JT" and is always followed by a 5-digit number (e.g. "JT23445" and "JT31662").


I expect this table to expand by about 20,000 records per year, which means it won't be too long before I'm up to 100,000 records in this beast. Will I be better off from a performance point of view if I create a new number field that shitcans the "JT" prefix, then use that new number field as the basis for my looped finds?


Of course I'd love to have this specific question answered, but if people want to use it as a springboard for a more general discussion of the nuts and bolts of how FileMaker indexing works, I'd welcome that.


Thanks in advance.