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FM13 scripting

Question asked by yomango on Nov 14, 2017
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Good morning. I created a couple of scripts to audit any change in a couple of related tables. The idea is to collect all data from concerned fields once the user gets in the record, by triggering an "OnRecordLoad" script. If there's any addition/edition of concerned fields, a script triggered by "OnRecordCommit" will record all changes into a table. I designed the script in FM16 and everything worked fine, but when using FM13 the script ignores a 'New WIndow... using  layout ..." command, it doesn't have this option. With FM16 I didn't have any problem freezing a screen, choosing a "new window...  using layout", working on the new layout, closing the new layout to be back on the original layout without triggering "OnRecordLoad" script. With FM13 the "OnRecordLoad" script keeps triggering. Any comments are appreciated, or does anyone know a simple audit log script? Mine works on FM16, but the script is long, taking server time..