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Stopping Button / Layout Items Resizing

Question asked by simonpsmith on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by simonpsmith

I'm sure I'm not the first to be moaning about this, but is there any way to stop FM auto resizing layout items?


Like everyone, when I'm making layouts I'll try to position fields, label, buttons etc. so that they line up horizontally and vertically as needs be, and that same items (such as buttons on a report chooser page) are the same widths and heights.


I know that when typing, for example, a long button label where the text will take up more room than that button will allow, the button will resize, but what is annoying me is when that isn't what's being done and they still change.


For instance, I have buttons, 8cm wide by 1.5cm high, ranged left, and at 2cm height increments. Some are already setup with text and actions, but some are blank.


By double clicking on a 'blank' button, typing even just a single letter name, setting a script to be performed, and clicking off the box, the size changes to 8.043cm x 1.517cm. The position changes from, say, 17 left and 15 top to 16.969 left and 14.993 top.




I lock all my boxes after editing to ensure they don't change further, but why does this keep happening every single time a layout item is edited?


BTW no 'autosizing' or 'grid' settings are activated in the Inspector for these items.