FileMaker Server fails to start after 16.0.3 update

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Nov 16, 2017
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FileMaker Server 16.0.1 or 16.0.2 (confirmed on both)

Running on AWS windows 2016 instance (confirmed across multiple instances)

With SSL certificate installed (Godaddy standard, listed as supported)

Currently this has affected 4 servers that I either manage or indirectly support, all with similar configurations and the same issue.



After performing an update to 16.0.3 from either 16.0.1 or 16.0.2, the FileMaker server service refuses to start. An error in the windows event log says something like "Error 1003, filemaker helper can not start".


Temporary Workaround:

1) Temporarily remove C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/CStore/servercustom.pem (save it)

2) Start FileMaker Service (via services.msc)

3) Move the servercustom.pem file back into the CStore directory

**This causes the SSL certificate to report as valid, but users connecting will see a warning about the certificate source, as well as the orange lock indicating issues with the SSL certificate. Thus this is only a temporary workaround.


Steps to duplicate:

Setup a similar AWS server with GoDaddy certificate, then update to 16.0.3 and restart.


Steps taken to troubleshoot:

-Have tried complete re-issuance of SSL certificate, FileMaker Server Admin Console reports valid certificate and upload, but bug still persists.

-Attempted repair install.

-Attempted re-running deployment assistant, and then reinstalling the certificate.


FileMaker Support:

FileMaker support case is open, but permanent solution has not been found or recommended. Assumably the next step will be to wipe the FileMaker server install and start over using a 16.0.3 installer. However, I am not attempting this at the moment in hopes that another alternative is presented.