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Mac and Windows audio player

Question asked by driedle on Nov 16, 2017



Having a few issues with using a container field to store and play audio files. On the Mac, I am able to play AIFF files that were created by legacy equipment. On the Windows side, not so much. Apple doesn't support QuickTime any longer, and the legacy compatibility is considerably compromised.


Is there anything I can install that will restore the functionality? The AIFF files do not play unless they have been converted to MP3, MP4, or AAC.


Also, the audio player on the Mac is not nearly as nice as the one on the Windows side. You can actually move a slider to the section that you wish to play with the Windows version, the Mac version starts, pauses, plays again, and you can adjust the volume. You can use Apple TV, but that's not really useful to me...


Is there another player available as plug-in, or any way to enhance the Mac player?


Many thanks!



Dave Riedle