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FileMaker Cloud outside of default VPC

Question asked by krutaw on Nov 16, 2017
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While utilizing the CloudFormation templates made available in the downloads section ( ), the CloudFormation template allows me to select a non-default VPC and subnet.  Unfortunately, the Stack build fails due to the automated configuration within the Ec2 instance itself.  Upon further investigation, it appears that whatever job that configures the Ec2 instance upon first boot does not run properly, leaving the following devices unmounted:



Further, the services don't start properly (because of the filesystem changes that happen upon first boot that well, aren't happening.)


  • Is there a way to manually execute the first-boot configuration or perhaps logs that would explain what happened?
  • Are there firewall holes that have to be opened inbound from the internet in order for both the setup and long-term use of FileMaker Cloud? (other than those defined in the CloudFormation Template)