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FMgo Open URL prepends http:// in script result

Question asked by dayhox on Nov 16, 2017
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FMGo 16 on iPad ios 11x opening hosted DB

I am working on an old Colibri Mobi Print => Zebra receipt printer solution, but have changed some things so that it uses Star Micronics PassPrnt => Star Micronics printer (SMT-300i). I am almost there, really, so close that I can taste success ya know?


Anyhow Star requires a base 64 encoded text string ($FileEncoded2) be passed to its URI (uri) (starpassprnt://v1/print?pdf= ...) so I'm calling

Open URL [ With dialog: Off ; $URL ]


I've tried creating my $URL in the following ways:


Set Variable [ $URL ; Value: "\"starpassprnt://v1/print/nopreview?pdf=" & $FileEncoded2 & "&size=3&back=fmp://$/\""

- fails because it appends "http:// to my starpassprnt


Set Variable [$URL ; Value: DBName::ContainerField ] - where Container field is just the Value from above, and populates the container properly, but it fails when script is run as it drops the starpassprnt completely and just adds http:// to my base64 encoding.


I can see what and where it is failing, because the FMGo display shows me an "Opening Failure Failed to open "http://starpassprnt://v1/print/nopreview?pdf=JVBERi0xl..." and "Opening Failure Failed to open "http://JVBERi0xl..." respectively.


Looking for a push in the right direction.