Non-breaking spaces in calculations?

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Nov 16, 2017
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So I determined that an issue I was having (Autofill in calculation editor doesn't work after a ≠ sign ) is because I type "≠ " too fast, and with "≠" being produce with the mac keycombo alt+=, I'm not releasing the alt key fast enough and the space is registering as a non-breaking space.


Because it's a non-breaking space, text entered after the space doesn't trigger the calculation suggestions. Personally, this slows me down. I'm a bit perplexed because a non-breaking space behaves the same way as a space as far as interpreting the calculation goes (in the sense that the calculations ignore both breaking and non-breaking spaces when they appear between other elements).


This leads me to some questions about whether this is desirable behaviour:


1. Does anyone else ever have this problem? Or is this a non-issue and I just need to train my fingers better?


2. Do others consider it a bug that the suggestions don't appear after a non-breaking space? (Does anybody consider it a feature even?) I feel if the calculation is treated the same on interpreting the calculation, the suggestions feature should treat it the same too.


3. Does anybody take advantage of non-breaking spaces in calculations? I'm curious about the use cases, if any.


4. Would it make sense for the calculation editor to convert non-breaking spaces to regular spaces on input (outside of quotation marks and comments)? It's not like a word processor where you can toggle codes to tell breaking from nonbreaking spaces.


- RG>