FMP 16 Adv -Portal Record Numbering

Discussion created by synergy46 on Nov 16, 2017
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I have a membership application. 

Below, on the left is is the navigation portal TO=PortalNavFormLtr (Members)

The Layout is based on TO=MembersFormLtr (Members)

The problem is:  the checkbox uses 'on modify' to run: BtnsFrmLtrActiveINactiveCurrentLate script (below)
After the script runs, (or even if it doesn't run) the portal records, (when I click the arrow navigation buttons (next) (previous) jump the records to the next record number which DOES NOT correspond to the LastName portal sort.


I need the navigation buttons to jump to the 'next', 'previous' record while keeping the portal Names in sort sequence.  I believe this requires a reestablishment of record numbers in the portal.  If so, how???