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Scheduled system shellscript

Question asked by psijmons on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by psijmons

Does anyone have a sample shellscript that is harmless to use but allows testing as a scheduled system script from FMSAT?


I have issues getting one to work on OSX 10.12.5 and FMSv16. It is a simple one to change a folder permission but it does not work as hoped, it just hangs in FMSAT untill the time limit is reached. Logs show nothng  happened.


script contents:


logger "Image processing script started - date: `date`" ; echo $?

cd /Users/Shared/LAB_PHOTOS/Lab_Photo__UPLOAD/

chown -R fmserver:fmsadmin ./

chmod -R 777 /Users/Shared/LAB_PHOTOS/Lab_Photo__UPLOAD/

logger "Image processing script stopped `echo $?` - date: `date`"