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WPE requests to FMS 15 are ok, but the same calls to FMS 16 get * connection error 1557

Question asked by douglerner on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by wimdecorte

We were attempting to upgrade our FM server from 15 to 16 to see if it helped with ongoing, periodic Web Publishing Engine fails.


Tonight we tried this all together: me, our FM person, and our FM hosting service.


However, every call - all https GET requests -  from our server to FMS 15 result in good XML returned with error code 0, yet the exact same calls fail to FMS 16 with this return from the server:


* Connection error: 1557


The hosting service person is currently stuck, though he is going to discuss it with his manager. But has anybody else seen this problem? Any thoughts?


I am able to manually make the calls to FMS 16 from my Chrome web browser and get XML back, but you never know what interaction the server might have with Chrome. Perhaps a page is being forced to reload or whatever. Or perhaps FMS 16 just doesn't like our server. At any rate, when the calls are made from our server to FMS 16, we simply get "* Connection error: 1557" back, but it works with FMS 15.


We have switched back to FMS 15 for now.