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iOS SDK only supports SSL?

Question asked by Alchemist on Nov 18, 2017

I am working on a FileMaker Server 16 based solution which supports iOS, Windows and OSX clients.  The workshop iOS clients are currently managed via an MDM with FileMaker Go set to be the Single App.  I'd like to focus the UX further by deploying a simple launcher database wrapped into an app by the iOS SDK.


The launcher database works fine but once wrapped it fails on both the iOS Simulator and on physical devices.


Substituting the "Open File" script step with "Open Remote" and browsing and adding hosts I've come to the conclusion that an FileMaker 16 iOS SDK app only wants to list files hosted via SSL and hence will only connect to hosted files where the server has SSL enabled (with a custom certificate).


For this site, access to the database is only within the LAN so SSL isn't being used.


Is this expected behaviour?


Is there something which can be set in the SDK to allow/support non SSL connections to FMS?


Cheers,  Malcolm