Exchanging encrypted content to web services

Discussion created by user29748 on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by bigtom

I'm thinking about how to exchange some data (like a JSON object) to a server securely, and I'm not talking about SSL/TLS, but the impossibility to forge a fake request.


FM16 provides an encryption function, which works well and seems secure. The documentation even tells which algorithm it uses, which is nice.


What if I decided to decrypt filemaker data in my web server, for example using (ugh..) PHP? Apparently I have to build the whole thing, is there somebody who already built a function to decrypt this kind of data in another language?


My searches provided no results, maybe I'm the only one who actually needs this. If it turns out that nobody did this, I'll build it and share the code on github.