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Setting up server with SSL

Question asked by mystyle0909 on Nov 19, 2017
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Hello Guys,


I followed the instructions and set up the FM 16 sever with my macbook pro, but I cannot access the server from internet.


Here is how I set it:


1. Installed the server on macbook pro

2. Get a domain from Godaddy (

3. Set up the server name with domain name (

4. Bought SSL with domain name ( from Godaddy and imported it to server successfully

5. Created A record (www) on Godaddy DNS management ( and point to the static IP address of macbook pro (I checked router I don't use DDNS).


I can access the admin console through intranet with local host IP address (with FMP, or Webdirect), but I cannot access admin console or server page through internet with


What should I do in order to access the Did I miss anything here?


Thank you!