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Scroll bars covering edges instead of shifting content....

Question asked by ipoint1008 on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by christopherkuhn

FMP 16.0.3

Windows 10

Using 3 monitors.


Horizontal Scroll bar appearing at bottom of list views which are covering the bottom line of the summay area....


When in list view, FM window maximized, and viewing a record count greater that what can be displayed (requires vertical scrolling)  vertical scrollbar AND the horizontal scrollbar appear.    Both scrollbars are covering the page (about 17px on the right and across the footer) as opposed to shifting the content as expected. 


At the moment have told the client to refrain from using the maximize button and just drag the window to take the full screen.  This


Has this been reported before and if so is there a fix?


I've tried to replicate but do not have a multi-monitor system (guess that this is a good execuse as any to get one )