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Absolute values for helper grid(s) possible?

Question asked by evance on Nov 20, 2017
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Hi there,


I am currently working on a print layout and the setup is very specific in the sense of "16mm to the right border", "10mm to the upper object" & "position at 55mm from the top and 20mm from the left".


The use of grids came to mind but I was puzzled when I found out that I cannot create or edit a grid with absolute values, meaning I didn't find an option to place a vertical grid line at exactly 60mm.


Instead when dragging the grid lines around I have to move back and forth to get close to the point where I'd want them to be placed and even then it isn't accurate since I can only either pick 59,625mm or 60,125mm...


How can I place a grid at exactly X/Ymm on my layout (preferrably without dragging the grid line around)?


Thanks for your input & regards!