ODBC using Windows.

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Keep as a reminder and save many hours!


Well I haven’t done this for a while, but I needed to set up a Windows Server 2008 R2 to connect by ODBC to a FileMaker server 13.  Easy right, done it loads of times, although as I said not for a while, so load the drivers and boom, job jobbed…. Errr nope. It should be but/and it is if you remember these annoying things! So i thought i would post this reminder as a to will still apply to the Windows stuff.


First off 64bit and 32 bit. Most ODBC drivers are 32 bit (the FileMaker one is) but there is a funky (being polite) approach in the Windows storage and you need to remember these small things .


You will find all in the drivers in one of the following locations, just not always in the one you expect:





(sometimes called  c:\Window\System64) but not on this Windows Server 2008 R2!)


However there is a 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator and a 64 bit ODBC Data Source administrator (DSA). If you go to the command line and run the Data source,  it starts the 64 bit one and the Filemaker driver wont be seen as it is 32 bit. 


This is where it gets “funky” 



The 32 Bit ODBC DSA is in the sysWOW64  and the 64 bit ODBC DSA  is in the System32 so don’t forget to open the 32 bit one from the 64 bit folder. Do what most do and open the one in the 32 bit folder and you are going down the tube!


Then there is the FileMaker Driver. Installing it is lots of special fun, unless you are prepared and remember the foibles of it. It blinks the screen disappears and nothing seems to have happened, as in you cant see the driver even using the 32 bit ODBC source!


In fact It has so far only unpacked it into a folder (FM13.0v5_xDBC_13.2.14) with a different installer in it.


Choosing the ODBC installer from that folder it installs a 32 bit driver. No it really does, it is even in the registry so it is there but I could not find it anywhere! I even tried installing it many times and on other computers as a test then I stumbled across it in the sysWOW64 bit folder!


So the c:\Window\sysWOW64 is also where I found the much needed fmodbc32.dll the FileMaker Driver


My advice, don’t move it!  I did however copy and paste it to the c:\Window\System32 and found it to be more stable having done that.



So in Summary to save you endless hours of fun:


1) The  32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator can be found in c:\Window\sysWOW64

2) The Filemaker 13.2.14 installer uninstalls a folder on the desktop which has the ODBC driver in it

3) The  Filemaker driver installer installs into the  c:\Window\sysWOW64


Good luck