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Creating a diagram to use in FM Go

Question asked by J_File on Nov 20, 2017
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I am building a mobile app to go with my desktop app. The mobile app will be accessed via FM Go on an iPad by field engineers. I want the guys to to be able to annotate a diagram with little blobs for test positions. The base diagram will be chosen from say 6 options, but the blobs they are adding could be absolutely anywhere on the base diagram.


I have had a look at Go Draw 2, but it is not really doing it for me.


I am assuming that my only other option would be to have the base diagram and blob adding in a different application on the iPad and then import the diagram into a container field  on the FileMaker Mobile app. Would you agree, or am I missing anything?


Any recommendations on what to use? The base diagram would be a very simply line drawing, but it is important that I can draw accurate circles and straight lines, and the guys can easily stick blobs ( or small filled in circles / or crosses) on the base diagram to show their test point / points.


Thanks in advance.