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Changing colour of signature line

Question asked by walt105 on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by bigtom

Is there a script to change the colour of the signature?  And if possible to change the thickness of the pen/line?

I am trying to use FM as database for all my drawings and notes.

I have so far used the container field and its signature setting to create a sort of drawing pad. But its capabilities for drawing are very limited. An erazor would also be nice, for instance, but not really necessary now. I just scribble on...

Scanning through the discussions I found Using a signature field for drawing

with some suggestions of solutions to use. seems to have disappeared and GoDraw is too expensive for me. I like to create something myself if possible.

I'm also thinking to try to write a script (using Perform AppleScript...) to open a simple drawing program on MAC, draw and then import it back again. (FMGo doesn't support this script so that is only usable on my laptop/desktop).

If someone out there has been working with the container field and scripts, are there any other options to consider?

Your suggestions are very welcome!