Auto Calc Field Issue

Discussion created by cmj on Nov 20, 2017
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My db contains a field that allows the user to select an "End Date" from a drop-down calendar. Normally this field would be a Date field. However, as an option to selecting a date, the user can instead, enter their age into a field "Stop At Age" and a calculation determines the end date - in the End Date field. 

Therefore the End Date field has to be an autocalc and not a calculation field (since the user may elect to choose a date instead of entering an age in the related field).

The problem with this being an autocalc field is that it never updates unless it's record is modified by the user. As it is now, today's date will eventually progress beyond a records End Date value and all other related fields that perform further calculations will not do so unless the specific record is modified. Note that there is no compelling reason for the user to go back into a specific record after it's creation.


This behaviour occurs in a number of layouts.

Is there a script step that could be used on open of the layout to "update" the autocalc fields? Or any other thoughts on how to force an update without field level scripts or hidden fields on the layout?