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Inventory Problem

Question asked by decabol on Nov 21, 2017
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I've a small textile business. My main product is fabric and they are stocked as rolls.


I'll try to explain my problem with an example to make it easy to understand so maybe someone can help me with it


I've 3 types of fabrics. Cotton, Linen and Polyester.


I've to count my inventory in meters. So;


Cotton: 100 meters (4 rolls)

Linen: 50 meters (3 rolls)

Polyester: 200 meters(7 rolls)


When I check my cotton data, I can only see 100 meters of fabric but I need to know how many rolls I have and see the meters of each roll. So when I read a barcode of a roll I should see the actual meter of that roll and if I need to cut some of its fabric, I should update it from the system.


I couldn't find a solution and need your help. I hope I can get an answer