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Can't enter two addresses in CC: line.

Question asked by tbirdroy on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by beverly

I've searched for this issue, but can't find any help. I want to put two address on the CC: line of the Send Mail function. The box pops up with the places to enter that addresses. It tells me if I want to put two email addresses in a line, to put a ";" between them. Have done that with and without the "". Still get the error box saying:"An operator (e.g. +,-,*,...) is expected here. Don't know any other way to get the ; in there. Here is the script which it created, with the address I would like to be in the CC: line, but in the BCC: line.


I know I am missing something easy. Help!!


Send Mail ( Send via E-mail Client ; With dialog: On ;

To: Entrants::Email ; CC: Entrants::Parent Email ;

BCC: Entrants::Teacher Email ;

Subject: "MTNA South Central Division Competition")