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Dwindling value lists - prevent modification/deletion

Question asked by piaccounting on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by piaccounting

Hope you may be able to point me in the right direction to resolve two issues hopefully before they become one. Although it is related to a dwindling value list set up the two issues could probably occur elsewhere.


Through a Join Table I have Associates (individuals or organisations) linked to Business Categories (Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Members etc.)


When setting up an Associate they are assigned to at least one Business Category, using a portal with the Value List refreshing to ensure previously used Business Categories are not repeated. This appears to be working correctly. What I would now like to do, in respect of the Join Table for the selected Associate is:


  1. Prevent a previously selected Business Category from being changed
  2. Allow deletion only if the combination of Associate and Business Category has not been used elsewhere.


For Issue 1, say Joe Blogs is an Employee and Member. What I would like to do is prevent the “Member” category being changed to say “Supplier”. Is it possible to make the “DropDown” box on the portal record only accessible if it is null? Is there a preferred method for controlling this?


For issue 2, I currently do not have the option to delete the portal row record. However I am concerned that if I added this option, then say deleting Joe Blogs as a member will be an issue because elsewhere I have (say) recorded a receipt of membership income from Joe Blogs. Will FileMaker prevent the deletion because it knows the relationship exists to another table occurrence? If not, how best to handle this – do you, for example, need to set up a “Used”
Flag to check against?


Hope this makes sense and thank you for any kind assistance offered, as always.